Google Goggles – This is Not a Bridge

A few months ago I installed Google Goggles on my smartphone. The first object I tested it on was ‘De Waag’ in Deventer, where I happened to be at the time.

De Waag in Deventer

At first, I was somewhat surprised that it actually recognized a small-time building in a small city. But then I realised the omnipresence of both cameras and Google.

The second time I tested Goggles, was when I wrote my previous post.

Bike crash in front of Vienna State Opera

I wasn’t sure where this building was. I guessed Vienna, but I didn’t want to look stupid. So I scanned the photo using Goggles, actually directly off my laptop screen. At first it didn’t work, but when I zoomed in on the building, leaving out the man and the cyclist, Google came up with the right answer.

For my third test I used this 1954 picture by Andreas Feininger of the all-familiar Brooklyn Bridge. What I wanted to know was if Goggles maybe would get confused by old artifacts in a photo almost 60 years old. I simple scanned the photo from an Andreas Feininger book I own, using my mobile phone.

Andreas Feininger – Brooklyn Bridge – 1954. Photo taken from book, using Goggles

Now, to my amazement this is the answer Google Goggles returned with: “Andreas Feininger Poster Brooklyn Bridge Photographic Print. $69.99.”

Somehow Magritte came to mind. Ceci n’est pas une pipe. This is not a bridge. This is a poster. And you can order it right here.


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2 Responses to Google Goggles – This is Not a Bridge

  1. Chris Breebaart says:

    As always I enjoyed this blog as much as your previous one!

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