If a photo can be taken, then it will

Via Twitter I was pointed to this collection of remarkable photos. The writer of the nonsense blog Bored Panda points out that these are perfect examples of perfectly timed photos. Setting aside the pictures that are actually posed, and the one that is the result of skilful use of Photoshop, these photos indeed show great timing. Some of them are literally lucky shots, as this otherwise not so remarkable picture of a guy carrying a plastic bag, in front of the Wiener Staatsoper.

Bike crash in front of Vienna State Opera

This type of photo is the result of the tens of thousands of photos that are taken every second around the globe. The Vienna State Opera is probably photographed more than a million times, so sooner or later there had to be one with a crashing bike in it. You may call this the Law of Large Numbers of Photos.

Not all of the photos in the Bored Panda blog are the result of good timing. The one with the moon hanging from a crane is the result of the photographer taking the exact right viewing angle.

And this great photo, my favourite of this serie, is thanks to the one characteristic any photographer should have: the ability to look and see.

The Flying Carpet

With millions of cameras in operation every second of every hour, and a considerable amount of them  operated by perceptive photographer, any photo that can be taken, eventually will be taken.


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